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If you can go back in time, many people will choose the 18-year-old who represents the best youth! I was born in 2003, full of vitality and hard work! I have three 100,000-level aseptic production workshops, a 10,000-level laboratory, 10 "highway"-like automated production lines, and a variety of intelligent automatic production equipment. I am not only a "high, rich and handsome", but also a "student bully" with a super high diploma! There are everything you need for make-up and diminishing size certificates, as well as GMPC and ISO22716 certificates. High-end "brands" such as health care, personal care, and makeup, let alone. Someone asked me: "What is the secret of your success?" Here are ①extremely strict standards ②super rigorous attitude ③great and powerful R&D planning ability, plus a lifelong ideal: make everyone healthy and beautiful! In order to build the "Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Big Health Brand Customized Interconnection Empowering Science and Technology Innovation (Platform) Base", I borrowed from a domestic university laboratory in Beijing, a Hong Kong university medical school, a Guangdong pharmaceutical university student practice base, and graduate students The joint training base and foreign key laboratories have also introduced formulas developed by experts in the federal health research...

Have 3 100,000-level GMP production workshops

Essential oil OEM/ODM foundry production experience
Multiple 100,000-level clean production workshops
Accumulated more than 5000 mature formulas
200,000 products per day
More than 1,000 processing customers with well-known brands

Fang Li·4 bigAdvantage


20 years of OEM processing one-stop service

The modern large-scale production factory has everything you need for make-up, vanity, and powder type certificates, as well as GMPC and ISO22716 certificates. The professional after-sales customer service team provides professional filing, design, copywriting, education and other services for your brand, tailor-made for your brand, and cooperates with more than 5,000 customers.

Modern scientific research center

Together with Guangdong Pharmaceutical University, it has established a university student practice base, a joint training base for graduate students, and a foreign key laboratory. It has also introduced formulas developed by experts in the international federal health research field to create exclusive patented formulas for customers. declare.

Strong production capacity

Multiple 100,000 purification workshops, 12 high-speed production lines, automatic filling machines, automatic labeling machines, automatic laminators, cigarette charters, professional emulsification equipment, professional energy technology processors, and medical-grade ultrapure water systems.

Strong production capacity, with a daily output of 200,000 bottles, a raw material of 100,000 tons, and a labeling quantity of 200,000 sheets.

Cooperative Base of Origin

There are more than 10 domestic and foreign planting cooperation bases, ensuring that the raw materials are directly provided by well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers, and selected international brand suppliers provide organic and natural raw materials. The supply is stable and sufficient, and the price is affordable.

Honor Certificate

HOT Product

TEN Free Services

One-stop service for processing high-end essential oil brands

Cosmetics OEM Product Center

Product Series

Original imported essential oils

Essential oils for aroma therapists

Mood oil

Single essential oil

Compound essential oil

Basic vegetable oil

Body conditioning oil

Five Elements Energy Oil

Face care essential oils

Body massage oil

Essential oil set

Makeup remover

Essential Oil Balm

Essential oils for daily use

Essential oil buckle

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Business Model

ODM of own brand processing

ODM of own brand processing


Cosmetic OEM processing

Cosmetic OEM processing


Supply of semi-finished products

Supply of semi-finished products


Sampling tailored

Sampling tailored


Cooperation Process

Consultation + sample

15 days

Inspect the factory + sign a contract

1-3 days

Package Design

Cycle day

Product inspection

about 15 days

Product filing


Packaging production

10-20 days

Product production

5-7 days

Settlement and delivery

Cycle day

Cooperation Brand

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